Committee for Gender Equality - National Technical University of Athens

The Committee for Gender Equality (CGE) of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) was founded according to the provisions of article 33/Law 4589/2019 as published in the Government Gazette on 29 January 2019, following the decision of the 13th/2020 session of the Senate (Topic 11) on 21.10.2020. It consists of nine members who work without a fee as an advisory body to the Senate and Administrations of Schools in order to promote equality on all functional levels and processes of academic life. 


ΠIn particular, CGE has the following capacities:

Puts together action plans for the promotion and securement of true equality in educational, research and administrative processes of the institution and compiles an annual report, which is submitted to the Rectorate

Introduces to the relevant bodies measures for the promotion of equality and the combat of sexism

Offers information and education to the members of the academic community where matters of gender and equality are concerned

Offers mediation services in the case of complaints against discriminatory conduct or harassment

Promotes the conduct of master’s study programs, seminars and lectures focusing on gender studies

Promotes studies and research on issues pertinent to the areas of its capacity

Consults victims of discrimination when they report discriminatory treatment